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Compiling the solution on Linux

Please note: .NET natively runs on Windows, so asking to run it on Linux is a very demanding thing and you cannot expect the same performance as from the CLR running on Windows. This may change as soon as there are more stable versions of the CoreCLR. Furthermore, NMF has grown to be a project with about 100k LOC, so it is not as easy to say whether it is still all right after changing the platform!

The most promising approach to compile the solution on Linux is to recreate the project manually using e.g. MonoDevelop. I have tried my best to make the solution run out of the box on Ubuntu 12.04 using just xbuild but it does not seem to make it right (MSBuild did not have a problem with anything that I have tried).

So the best thing is actually if you just take the provided master file in the downloads section compiled against Mono 2.10. I hope that this will run fine and you can review the code manually.

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